About Author

Sri Pandurangacharya Srinivasacharya Waiker hails from Dharwad district of Karnataka and mostly educated at Bangalore. As a graduate of both science and engineering, he served in Quality Assurance Organisation of the Ministry of Defence and rose to the rank of Director, Controllerate of Quality Assurance Radar (CQAR), Bangalore and retired later. Sri P. S. Waiker is a descendant of Sri Satyaparakrama Tirtha Swamiji, a family in the line of Sanātana Dharma and noted for scholars.

Soon after Sri P.S.Waiker settled in his profession and personal life, he pursued his studies with devotion and earnestness in the spiritual field. He did his pupillage under an eminent scholar Sri. Vasudevacharya Yalameli who was a pet disciple of Sri Satyadhyana Tirtha Swamiji. He received training in Nyaya Sāstras and Vedanta for considerably long period and attained mastery over the subjects. Thus he has a blend of both science and philosophy. Through all his work, Sri P.S. Waiker has bridged the gap between ancient and modern systems, picking the best out of both.

Sri P.S.Waiker’s first book was ‘Gāyathri Vaibhava’, that was written in Kannada, published in 1987. His subsequent works include ‘Sāsta-Sarani Dāsa Vani’(Published in Kannada in 1989), ‘The Glories of Gāyathri’ (Published in English in 1990), ‘Sri Satyaparakrama Tirtha Vaibhava’ (published in Kannada in 1991), ‘Dharmo Raksati Raksithah’ (published in Kannada in 1993) and ‘A Book of Poetry on Indian Heritage’ (Published in English in 2002). Apart from the above-mentioned six books, Sri P.S. Waiker has also authored about a hundred articles both in Kannada and English that have been published across various Journals and articles such as Vedaganga, Madhva Siddhanta, Dharma Sandesha, Adhyatma Chintana, Encyclopaedia on Hinduism to name a few. The same have been presented in various forums such as World Association of Vedic Studies (WAVES) and Karnataka Haridāsa Scientific Research Centre (KHSRC).

Sri P.S. Waiker has also deeply delved in the research on Madhva philosophy, the outcome of which was the publication of Pramana Vachana Sangraha that was published in six volumes in Sanskrit by the Dvaita Vedanta Research Foundation Bangalore. The works have been an invaluable research material in exploring in the field of Madhva Philosophy.

In all his works, his presentation is lucid, unambiguous, scientific, logical, simple and containing many original approaches. He says his concern is about the younger generations in the society. His writings are a gift to the modern class of people.